Partner 10 - Billund Aquaculture Service (Denmark)

BAS ( is an SME with broad experience in culture of adult and larval fishes based on more than 20 years of international experience in design and operation of intensive fish farming with minimised environmental impact. The theoretical experience behind this modern technology has been gained in co-operation with Danish institutes and experts in water treatment systems. 

Practical know-how and technology development is obtained through own production facilities using recirculation as well by implementation in commercial productions systems. BAS has technical and biological experience for intensive culturing of fish from both fresh water as well as marine species. BAS has also own production facilities for different fish species in recirculation systems including currently an annual production around 300 ton eel.

Tasks inside the project

BAS contributes significantly to WP1 conducting full scale experiments where BAS also leads the task rearing broodstock on different diets in collaboration with WP2. BAS contributes both practically to the maintenance and technological development of the research facility and to the scientific work in a number of work packages through the interaction with the full scale experiments. Particular research focus is on the final maturation methods. In addition BAS contribute to the foresight analysis in WP10. 

Relevant experience regarding major tasks

BAS has worked with P1 in a series of Danish project to reproduce European eel during the period 2005-2008 from similar experiments conducted successfully in a series of national projects (ROE II and ROE III). The managing director B. Hald Olsen in addition participated in the pilot project ROE I in 2001-2003. BAS has established research facility of P1 used for conduction of the full scale experiments and provides in addition separate facilities for wild eels. The profound experience of BAS in aquaculture and fish breeding in combination with experience obtained during ROE I-III will strongly benefit the consortium. 

Project participants

Mr. Peter Lauesen, M.Sc., has long experience in “hands on” breeding and reproduction of marine fish and cultivation of live feed for marine fish larvae. This experience covers incubation and hatching of more than 20 species of both cold and warm water species and hence Peter Lauesen has a solid and broad experience in various rearing techniques including mesocosm cultures as well as development of novel rearing techniques. Experience has been obtained on site in Europe, Middle East, tropical countries in Asia and Chile. He has together with Mr. Christian Graver taken active part in the experimental reproduction of male and female European eels in ROE II, ROE III and ROE III-LC as well as culturing viable eggs and larvae.

Mr. Bjarne Hald Olsen, Managing Director of Billund Aquaculture Service, has been working in the aquaculture business for more than 20 years with main focus on hatching and farming of fresh- and saltwater species in recirculated systems including design and operation. He has has been Technical/Commercial Manager in Dana Feed A/S, a company producing quality fish feed for the international market.  Bjarne Olsen participated in the Danish projects on Reproduction of the European Eel (Anguilla anguilla), ROE I and II, conducting female and male maturation experiments (ROE I) and in the development of the diets for the brood stock (ROEII) during his former employment at Dana Feed.
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