The PRO-EEL project has already during the preparation of the proposal evoked great interest among researchers, stakeholders and the industry including eel farmers, feed manufacturers, aquaculture industry etc. Therefore two project-related networks have been established to consider interested parties outside the project consortium:

  • A network with a scientific focus
    Please choose the scientific network directed towards research and education institutes if you are a scientist or student. 

  • A network with an industrial/governmental scope
    Please choose the stakeholder network if you are affiliated with the aquaculture industrial or a government institution. This network also provides the option for NGOs, associations, press and private persons to register. 

Through the networks the PRO-EEL consortium will provide interested parties the opportunity to stay informed about project progress through newsletters and possibly engage via workshops, seminars and other events. Upon request you will receive the shown PRO-EEL folder including leaflet and existing newsletters.

network infopakke 700.jpg
22 JUNE 2018