Partner 15: BIOMAR – Biomar A/S (Denmark)

BIOMAR ( develops and produces fish feed for several species around the world. In total BIOMAR has around 650 employees around the world creating a turnover of approximately 5.3 billion DKK. On the European continent, main species are trout, sea bass, sea bream and eel. Out of approximately 180 employees in the continental area, research and development account for 10 employees working with nutrition, raw materials and value added products. 

BIOMAR has developed and sold eel feed for the last 20 years. In 2008, BIOMAR merged with the main competitor in eel feed, DANA FEED A/S and a substantial knowledge regarding eel feed has accumulated. BIOMAR has own experimental facilities in Hirtshals close to DTU AQUA, which are also used for eel feed trials. BIOMAR is the main European supplier of eel feed providing high quality feed with good performance based on solid research and development.

Tasks inside the project

BIOMAR will participate in WP1, 2, 8 and 10. The contribution from BIOMAR in WP1 and 2 consist of formulating and producing novel brood stock diets. In WP 8, BIOMAR will design and produce larval diets and participate in the design and execution of larval feeding trials. 

Relevant experience regarding major tasks

BIOMAR has participated in previous projects on reproduction of the European eel with P1 (ROE III and REEL) and Lars Holst participated in ROE II in his time with DANA FEED A/S. BIOMAR’s main contribution to these projects has been to provide insight and knowledge about fish nutrition, and formulation and production of novel broodstock and larval diets. The experience and background knowledge from participating in these projects as well as from developing and producing fish diets for almost 50 years makes BIOMAR a strong partner in PRO-EEL. 

Project participants

Mr. Lars Kristian Holst has broad experience in feed formulation gained over the last 20 years. In the recent years, he has worked with formulation of fish diets and the European eel is one of the focus species. Lars Holst participated in ROE II, ROE III and REEL (formulation of broodstock diet).

Mr. Niels H. Hjermitslev has long experience in development of novel fish diets, and has worked in the aquaculture feed industry for almost 20 years (BioMar A/S).  Niels H. Hjermitslev participated in ROE III and REEL (development of larval diets and designing larval diet test setup).

Mr. Bjarne Vestbö has lead the development of larval diet in DANA FEED A/S (2006-07) and BioMar A/S (2008-10). Bjarne Vestbö participated in REEL (formulated of larval diets and designing larval diet test setup).
18 APRIL 2024